Will CBD Interfere With My Daily Medication?

CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits
CBD Benefits

CBD is always being talked in the news! So often that at least half an hour of prime time is reserved every week for a geeky looking doctor to talk about it. Due to vast CBD benefits, it has won accolades and praise from patients and doctors for a more organic approach to treatment of illnesses. But for the multitudes of benefits and pluses that CBD is associated with, there are downfalls here and there…

A Hard Pill To Swallow

A major source of concern to those in the medical fraternity is the ambiguity of what CBD can do when it meets other drugs. CBD side effects although far and in between, is not an issue to sweep under the carpet.

Even though researches are being carried out as you read, a major revelation is yet to uncover itself. Basic chemistry dictates that due to the nature of chemical compounds, almost all known substances, yes even CBD will interact with another.

For example, doctors ask you specifically to not include bananas in your diet while taking ACE inhibitors. (This is a heart medication that widens the blood vessels and reduces blood pressure). Although banana is organic and harmless on its own, it becomes fatal when it combines with other chemical compounds.

CBD can either reduce the effectiveness of certain drugs or even counteract it on its interaction with the Endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the body. More so by inhibiting the working of Cytochrome P450.

Interaction Of CBD And Cytochrome P450

These are liver enzymes that are responsible to break down toxins that enter in your body. CBD can interfere with this enzyme causing unimaginable complexities in the long run.

Interaction Of CBD And Blood Thinners

CBD products have been seen to increase the effectiveness of blood thinning drugs such as warfarin or even ibuprofen for that matter. Due to CBD’s interference with metabolising liver enzymes, these drugs don’t break down just as fast and end up staying in the system longer.

Interaction Of CBD With Sedatives

CBD is known to interact with the endocannabinoid system of the body, inducing a calming and wakefulness effect. When sedatives are added to the mix, it ends up increasing the effect of the drug. Although research hasn’t yet shown any fatal impacts that may arise due to the mix up, it is best to avoid it.

Interaction Of CBD And Chemotherapy Drugs

The dosage of Chemotherapy drugs during cancer treatment is very vital! Too less and it is ineffective. Too much and it is toxic! When CBD is introduced into the system, the metabolism process becomes haywire, causing higher concentration of the chemo drug to persist longer than it’s supposed to!

The Final Note

Although CBD is regarded as a miracle drug, it would be a wise decision to consult your doctor to decide the best outcome for you.