What Is The Significance Of CBD Bioavailability?

Expiry Date For CBD
Expiry Date For CBD
CBD Bioavailability
CBD Bioavailability

Bioavailability comes as a part of almost every discussion about CBD and its intake methods. It is a characteristic feature of the administering methods of CBD that decides their effectiveness, with all CBD users expecting higher bioavailability for the intake methods of their choice.  What is bioavailability and how is it important? Let us find out through this article.





What Is Bioavailability?        

Bioavailability refers to the amount of CBD that is delivered into the bloodstream through an intake method. The length of the biological pathways through which CBD has to travel before it enters the blood influences its absorption percentage. The strength of CBD products is also influential in deciding the amount of CBD that is absorbed. Shop from reputed CBD stores to get the best CBD products with very high quality.

Bioavailability Of Various Intake Methods

Let us find out the bioavailability of some common administering methods of CBD.

Sublingual Intake

CBD oils and tinctures are mostly taken sublingually even though other intake methods are available to use them. Sublingual intake allows a more direct path to the bloodstream that avoids the first pass effect of the liver, a major process that reduces the percentage of CBD absorbed into the bloodstream if it is to be digested in the stomach. The first pass effect of the liver is crucial in the case of CBD edibles that are digested in the stomach before its CBD content is released into the bloodstream.

 In sublingual intake, the cannabidiol is delivered into the bloodstream through the sublingual glands as you hold the CBD oil or tincture under your tongue for a minute. The bioavailability percentage of sublingual intake lies between 20 and 30 percentage.

CBD Topicals

Because topicals are not ingestible, you cannot expect the bioavailability values of CBD topicals to be that high. It is lower than that of many other administering methods. Because CBD topicals are used for relieving site-specific discomfort, it is not reasonable to compare its bioavailability with other methods used to manage stress, mood, and sleep.

Vaping CBD Oils

Vaping is known for its high bioavailability because the CBD vapors produced by heating the vape product are delivered into the bloodstream through the lung membranes that have appreciable permeability. The bioavailability percentage of CBD can reach up to 60% in vaping and the CBD takes effect within a few minutes.


The bioavailability of CBD edibles is between 13 and 19%. The lower bioavailability percentage is a result of the first pass effect of the liver. When the edibles are digested in the stomach, the cannabidiol has to bypass the liver before it is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Above shared is the bioavailability details of some of the common CBD intake methods. Keep in mind that the severity of your health condition decides the ideal strength of the CBD product that you should choose.