Common Myths Regarding CBD

Cannabinoids In CBD Oil
Cannabinoids In CBD Oil
Hemp CBD
Hemp CBD

Even though the hemp CBD products have become popular among people, there are still some misconceptions regarding the same. Since it is a comparatively new product, people were hesitant to use the same due to lack of knowledge about its effects. Presently, there are so many types of CBD products available in the market which includes CBD edibles, topical creams and even vape pens. With the increase in fame, there is also an increase in the misunderstanding regarding its effects. Some of those misconceptions surrounding CBD are as follows.

CBD Can Get You High

Though it is well known that CBD is different from THC, even if both are derived from the cannabis plant, many people still thinks that CBD can offer a psychoactive effect to the users. This misunderstanding is mainly associated with CBD vaping and smoking products. Some people believe that it can give the same effect like that of inhaling cannabis vapes. It is one of the biggest misconceptions because CBD infused in any mode have no capacity to make the user high. Only those cannabis products with high concentration of THC can give such effects to the user.

CBD Will Make You Fail In A Drug Test

Since CBD is an element present in a schedule I drug, most of the people using CBD are worried whether it will show up in a drug test. Some people are hesitated to use CBD due to this confusion. Therefore, it is necessary to understand that CBD is not a drug but a medicinal supplement. It is only capable of interacting with the Endocannabinoid System and work for the betterment of health of the user. It does not have any element that can give a psychotropic effect to the user, hence it will not show up on a drug test.

CBD Is Illegal In Many Places Because It Is A Drug

We all might have heard this while we discuss about CBD to a non CBD user. However, it is just an argument formulated against CBD products. CBD is currently legal in many places. Even the United States of America have made it legal during 2018. It is true that there are still many countries that haven’t made CBD legal. This is not because it is considered as a drug, but due to lack of proper evidences backing its medicinal qualities. In addition to that, some places have not made it legal due to lack of proper regulating body to control the inflow of drugs along with CBD products.

CBD Is For Medicinal Purpose And THC For Recreation

It is one of the common talks regarding CBD and THC among people. It is true that CBD can be used to treat many medical conditions like seizure, epilepsy, chronic pain, etc. However, it is necessary to understand that THC is also effective for treatment purposes. From the ancient times cannabis was used for the treatment of nerve damages and migraines. These effects of THC were not utilized by modern medicine due to the ill effects caused by the same. And also, it is important to know that CBD can also be used for recreational purpose. Even if it cannot make you high, it can strengthen your mind and enhance concentration.

CBD Will Turn Into THC Over Time

CBD and THC are cannabinoids present in the cannabis plant. Even though it is derived from the same source, its chemical structure, composition and effects are all different. Therefore, it cannot turn into some other form in any circumstances. However, it is proved that some CBD products will lose its effectiveness over time. This is because of the presence of other ingredients in these products. However, it will not turn into THC.

CBD Can Make You Sleepy

CBD will never make the user feel high. Moreover, it will make the person more active and awake. It is better to use CBD if a person is suffering from mood fluctuations or mental instability because CBD can improve their concentration and keep their minds stable. However, there are some CBD products available in the market exclusively for the treatment of insomnia or sleeplessness. These products can make the user feel sleepy not because of the presence of CBD but because of other components in that product. In addition to that, if a person consume CBD more than an optimum limit, it can make the person feel dizzy for a short time.

The above mentioned are some of the myths associated with the CBD products available in the market. All these confusions are rising because it is a new product and there are still no proper evidences backing its full potential. However, some of these are propagated by the competitors of CBD.