Questions Many Have About The Stance Of FDA On CBD

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For CBD, the journey to the top position in the market was not really a marathon but a sprint. Its market demand went up within a very short time span and the CBD products haven’t really witnessed a downfall since launch. Because it is a medication and not a food crop, CBD is regulated by the FDA.

CBD products derived from the hemp plant only enjoy a legal status and the legalization was in the year 2018. US Farm Bill removed hemp CBD from the list of Federal Controlled Drug Substances and added it into the category of agricultural products.

Several questions about hemp CBD have to be answered to clear the misconceptions about the product, and learn what the law has to say about CBD.

What Definition Does the Farm Bill Give to Hemp?

The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 is generally known as the Farm Bill, and it became a law on Dec20, 2018. The bill defined hemp as the “Cannabis sativa L. plant, and any part of it including the seeds, and thereby all the plant derivatives like cannabinoids, salts, isomers, acids, isomers of salts and extracts with a THC concentration less than 0.3%”.

Cannabis derivatives with less than 0.3% THC are no longer Federal Controlled Drug Substances. The bill made it clear that THC and CBD are two different compounds and there is no reason to worry about CBD products getting you high, provided,the THC content is less than the 0.3% limit. The bill also clearly stated that the FDA is the regulating authority of cannabis compounds according to section 352 of the PHS (Public Health Services) Act. This applies to all cannabis products including the ones classified as hemp by the Farm Bill.

Is There Any Medical CBD Product That the FDA Has Approved?

The FDA has approved the drug Epidolex used for the treatment of epilepsy patients. FDA considers the drug safe and effective in patients with Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, which are two forms of epilepsy with characteristic seizure symptoms.

Can We Use Hemp Seed or Hemp Seed Oil in Human Food?

FDA’s evaluation of food ingredients derived from hemp did not discover any potential harm, and FDA approves the use of these in food products. Seeds of the Cannabis sativa plant are hemp seeds and they do lack natural CBD or THC content. The trace amounts of these compounds in the seed are due to the contact of the seeds with other plant parts during harvest.

If you plan to shop for a CBD product or get into CBD business, it is better to get started by finding answers to some basic questions about its legality and regulations.