Does CBD Get You High?

CBD Get You High
CBD Get You High
CBD Get You High
CBD Get You High

CBD has become a popular name in the health and wellness industry. Experts predict that the CBD market will continue its expansion in the upcoming years. The potential medicinal applications of the cannabis compound have inspired reputed brands in the health and wellness industry to launch CBD-infused products.

Because CBD is a cannabis compound, will it cause a high? Read on for the answer.

Cannabis And The High Associated With It

Although cannabis plants have various medicinal applications, it is also known for the euphoric effects it caused in the users. What could be causing the same?

Cannabis plants contain various cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. Are all of the constituents of cannabis responsible for the high reported by cannabis users? No. The euphoric effect is all caused by one of the cannabis compounds, THC.

THC is a cannabinoid that offers various medicinal benefits but also causes a high.

Does CBD Cause A High?

From the previous session, it would be clear to you that THC is the cannabis compound responsible for the high in the users. CBD does not cause any euphoric effects.

How about the wide spectrum of CBD products you get in the market? CBD products often contain many cannabis compounds in addition to CBD. They may also contain THC, and in that case, its levels will determine if the user will experience a euphoric effect.

As per the legal regulations, CBD products have to be derived from hemp ( and not marijuana) and should also contain less than 0.3% THC. If the THC percentage is maintained well below the limit, the products will not cause a high in the users.

Marijuana Vs Hemp

Hemp and marijuana are cannabis plants that contain the same types of compounds but the individual concentrations of the compounds vary. Marijuana has high levels of THC while hemp has CBD in high levels and less THC. Their typical cannabinoid profiles explain why the government is particular about legalizing hemp-derived CBD products alone.

Hemp-derived CBD was legalized when the US Farm Bill was passed. Before the Bill came into effect, all types of CBD, hemp-derived and marijuana-derived belonged to the list of Controlled Substances in the US.

If you are to look at CBD as an individual cannabinoid, it does not cause a high in the users. If a CBD user has reported a high, understand that it is caused by the THC contained in the CBD product they used.