Key Factors To Consider When Selecting A CBD Manufacturer

Cannabidiol CBD
Cannabidiol CBD
Cannabidiol CBD
Cannabidiol CBD

Cannabidiol (CBD) is gaining popularity among users due to its therapeutic and medical uses. Due to this, cannabidiol manufacturers are introducing a wide variety of health and wellness products that are formulated using it as the main ingredient. As a result, this market is growing exponentially, and it can be difficult for you to find a good quality CBD product. Finding a good quality CBD product is important as it determines the effectiveness of your purchase. Shared below are the key factors that you must consider when selecting a CBD manufacturer.

The Regulations On CBD Industry

Due to the high demand for cannabidiol (CBD) products, this industry is growing rapidly. Also, this has resulted in a lack of proper regulations leading to poor manufacturing standards by some manufacturers. This can make it especially difficult for first-time buyers of CBD products. Also, it is a fact that a significant percentage of cannabidiol health and wellness products are failing quality checks. Some of the common reasons for this are higher THC content (more than 0.3%), lower CBD content than that claimed in the product label, the presence of harmful additives, etc.

The FDA And CBD Industry

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) considers cannabidiol (CBD) used for medical purposes legal, while CBD health supplements and edibles are illegal. Besides, it has approved the use of cannabidiol derived prescription drug Epidiolex for treating severe forms of epilepsy in children above two years. Furthermore, the FDA has issued notices to CBD manufacturers whose products do not comply with federal-level regulations for cannabidiol products.

Key Factors That You Must Consider When Selecting A CBD Manufacturer

CBD health benefits depend on the manufacturing process used for making the cannabidiol product, and shared below are the important factors that you must consider when selecting a manufacturer.

  • The manufacturer must have full control of the supply chain. This means that the company must cultivate hemp plants used for manufacturing their CBD health and wellness products.
  • The cannabidiol (CBD) product manufacturer must have a GMP certificate, and it must be registered with the FDA. Choosing a company that uses the GMP process minimizes the risk of coming across substandard CBD health and wellness products. This will be reflected in their cost as they will not be cheaper, but they are more reliable.
  • Reputed CBD product manufacturers provide third-party lab test results for their customers, as well as for potential customers. Some CBD product labels have QR codes that can be used for directly downloading the certificate of analysis (COA).

We hope that the details shared above will help in your purchase of high-quality cannabidiol (CBD) products.